Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"


TOTALLY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

for Ramah, i vote off Ryu. he just can't hurt bub's cause he is cool and he really can't hurt him so he must suck so get him off.

for Shiva, i don't know. keep simone cause he might rape some guy or girl (just to prove he isn't gay). keep fighter cause well... i want him to get in a fight with that Rose he wanted to fight in the begining. keep Mario cause he never got to do anything and he can say "who wants a pasta" when the group is eating it or they say u give us pasta for the last 2 weeks.

so kick off fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

lol okay thanks for review and votes mike


I vote for Ryu and Fighter.

Hell-Fire responds:

okay thanks for voting.

Im looking forward for Sprite Survivor 2

That was awsome. I knew you put quality effort in your work.

In Raman I vote for Bub to stay on. I vote out robo.

In Shiva I vote for Fighter to stay on, and I vote out mario(I hate him)

I hope my votes make a difference in the upcomming Survivor. Keep up the good work!

Hell-Fire responds:

cheers. every vote counts. im hopen mario goes aswell

Good but some things bothered me.

Well first off the intro could use some work :) Also I didn't like how you edited some of the sprites to give them faces, and it didn't look like you actually used some of the sprite animations for some of the characters when they were walking n stuff like that.

Good idea though, I however don't believe in voting.

Hell-Fire responds:

ok have u seen the real sprites of rosa and cecil from the final fantasy 4? I rest my case. I plan to work on the intro for the next one. And you dont believe in voting? right...

Ryu and Fighter

Great idea

Hell-Fire responds:

thanks for the vote and review