Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

you rock

this is the best flash movie i have seen in years you rock at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell-Fire responds:

heh, cool, thanks

i joined NG just to grade this series

Beleive it or not its true, i love this, keep going, dont stop, and when this season is over, make another with different characters, i love it so much.

Hell-Fire responds:

aww cool. Im glad i got u to join. Thanks for the review

Good work, man!

Could use a better variaty of characters, but it's good! I noticed the Island's name is pig latin for penis, lol!

Hell-Fire responds:

Lol, yeah. I dont know how many people will actually figure that out. You seem to be the only one who has said anything. thanks for review

how many days until episode 5???

as the summary says and i know cloud is gonna win the replacement thing because i read all the votes lol *sigh* to bad poles are closed on episode 4 by the time i saw it that really sucks but anyway can't wait till the next one comes out so i can whatch it and acctuly vote this time heh heh

Hell-Fire responds:

i cant tell u exactly. Its getting there though. I only have about 3 non fight scenes left so it shouldnt take that long. Thanks for review

You are a flash movie genius.

Another great movie. No surprise. You are quite the natural. I'm blamming pretty much everyone but you. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Hell-Fire responds:

heh, Thanks a lot. You should watch the rest of the series aswell.