Reviews for "Sprite Survivor - 1"

this is awsome

This is awsome.(hee i said it again) I mean it is funny and has violence. Violence rules.

Hell-Fire responds:

cool. glad u liked it

i have one complaint

im a big fan of FF and um i was wondering if you could have squall be put in for some reason (maybe a twist in the game?) but if you don't know where to get his sprite you could ask the guy who made final fantasy counter strike.

Hell-Fire responds:

I will have a 3d character sprite come into the series later. cant give to much away. Anyway I will check out FF counterstrike and maybe ask him. Thanks a lot

Not bad...but...

You focused too much on the FF characters. Also, you should have let the chracters use their own respective abilities, so don't make Fighter cast spells etc. Also, get sprites for spells and stuff, I'm sure atleast the Fire sprite can't be hard to get...and.. on a side note....
GET LINK IN SOMEHOW <.< >.> Oh yea, and try to make the talk more suited for the chracters.

Hell-Fire responds:

ok, ill consider that


i liked the music u put in it, it was a good idea 2 put sprites in survivor

Hell-Fire responds:


vote off randi and sailormoon

sailormoon cause shes a slut and randi cause he looks gay

Hell-Fire responds:

Um is this for the second episode, ill add it in if i remember it here