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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"


Just Like The Real Show!!!


I like how someone finally made a quiz were you can't just keep doing it over and over again until you win, you get different questions. And not to mention, millionaire was coming anyways. A little fast when switching questions, but no biggy

pacdude responds:

Just trying to keep the pacing up.

its ok

i dont like to think if not necessary, id rather play a game where you shoot people, sorry

pacdude responds:

I have to respect your opinion, although I think you're a bit close-minded and frankly vegetative in your beliefs. Have some pride in the brain God gave you.

loved it

this flash was awesome, i really liked the way you made it into a "who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire?" type of game, yet you cchanged the game play as to not copy the original game exactly, great job duuuuude.

pacdude responds:

Well, I try. :-D


Very cool game, i liked it.

But i think there isn't enough question else it's really well done...;)

pacdude responds:

I'm working on that.