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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"


stupid american questions. who the fuck are the valley girls? what state has parashes??? everyone knows monopoly uses places in london for the places on the board, and the phone a friend has the most irritating voice grrr. I just can't work out why ive played it 8 times :P

Coool as in Cooolio

Awesome game dogg. Just like the TV show "Who wants to be A Millionare" There were clues to help you such as "Phone a Friend" and Audiences Opinion and 1/2. Also once you lost the beginning never started off with the same question you first start on like most games do. It's obvious you put a lot of hard work in this and all those who gave you 6's and belows are just jealous bastards who obviously dont have any respect for your hard work. They either

1. Make really good movies and the fact that someone else makes a good movie pisses them off

2. Losers who can't make a movie if theyre sad life depended on it

3. Foolish bastards who rank it bad just cause they can or cause it's fun to them.

But dont worry you'll always run into discrimination against good movies. Don't worry about what they say cause your movie was off da chain. Keep up the good work. Coool as in Cooolio.

that was a great game

im glad ther isnt any old men or old women who is my host! it was certainly challenging


I saw a bunch more quizzes here

Nice Game!

I liked it, even though i vcould only win $5000.

The graphics are nice, and i like how the sound is off of who wants to be a millionare. It has great interactivity, too!