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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"

Ooh generic-y

Kinda lacking in style, and humor but otherwise good.

15 days til I turn 15,

ohhh boy...

a couple of things

1. who ever fucking heard of the rembrants other than you?
2. this game pissed me off badly but yet i was drawn to keep playing till i won...
3. i put 10 in violence becuase it made me beat my friend nearly half to death when he made fun of me
4. i put 10 in humor becuase my other friend shit his pants with laughter watching me beat the shit out of our other friend.
5. majogg acctually DID origionate in japan
6. on 15 try urge to maim raiseing again....
7.20th try want to kill you and regis for EVER INVENTING THIS SHIT!!!
8. how many fucking questions do you have in this damn game???!
10. f**k this shit....!!!

this is the record of my slow decent into madness.

it was;nt bad though. good challangeing game

Stupid well question

I got it on my 3rd try. That stupid well question and 12 million immagrants not 2 oh well you live you learn.

Too easy......

Made it through on my first try.


must keep trying....must win...methinks ill do it this time....