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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"

Very Nice

Original,Functional,Not distorted soundwise...

I loved it

Very exciting.

In Fell in Love with a Girl, the answer is definitely Bobby, not Johnny. That kind of pissed me off. Some producer at ABC needs to get fired.


This quiz game is sheer brilliance. It resembles Who Want To Be A Millionare closely. I expect my $10,000,000 to arrive shortly.

Rip off...

Who wants to be a millionare rip off...The music, the background the life lines...

pacdude responds:

WHOA! Hold on... are you SURE? Are you REALLY sure? Did I miss something? I didn't know I was making a CLONE OF WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE! I could've sworn it was an original idea. I didn't say it was a clone of WWTBAM... not in the credits, no not at all!!!


I had an error occur

Similar to the others I reached the $5000 benchmark and then it stopped doing anything. I right clicked and hit play and it told me I was now at the $100,000 and that I had 2 new life lines and then again it stopped. I right clicked again and clicked play and it told me I got a question wrong but I got to leave here with $100,000. Also the question I got wrong was one I already had answered correctly earlier.

pacdude responds:

The newest uploaded version should have that problem fixed.