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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"


easy, lol im a moron and i got 10 million, very fun.

Very good.

But the questions was way to easy, except those about TV shows and sports teams in the US.
How is a non american supposed to know things like that?? (unless U are very intrested in such things offcourse)

pacdude responds:

I live in America. That's what I know best. If you don't know these things, then consider it an extra challenge.


very nice, although.... yeah.. its nice.... i suck though :(

that's awesome

i loved it! i can't wait until it's finished. great idea and the questions were great! i love the title too. so when will i receive my $5000 check?

pacdude responds:

You get your money when I get mine. ;-)

great job!

very creative! Kept me thinking and on my feet. B/c. you put a time limit in there! very good! it was very challenging.