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Reviews for "Super Generic Quiz Game"

$100.000! Winner

Love This Game I Made it to The Million Doller Q but I lost on that Q about Ireland

I got 100.000$...

... and i give 10 points, it's wonderful, nice!

A Pretty Good Game...However...

This is a very good version of Super Millionaire. It is educational and people can learn a lot from this. However, there are bad points. People can mistake the House of Pain band member for being British and the Double Dip can be faulty.

||Good Points
Fun format
Challenging questions
Game shortcuts

||Bad Points
Double Dip is faulty (at times)
House of Pain Question


-wish sometimes when i use the double dip and get the first one wrong, it ends it and says what the right answer
-wish that a lot of the Qs were not from the show or the at home game pressman released. but still really awesome!


You've made an error on the ''House of Pain'' question. You used ''British'' but that could also mean Scottish Welsh English or Northern Irish, and you used ''Irish'' but that's not clear to wether he's from Northern Ireland or Rebulic of Ireland. i advise you change it.