Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"


...wow! this is truly amazing. i have been self-teaching myself FL Studio 8 for about 3 or 4 months now, on and off, and it is honestly this kind of music that makes me keep going even when a make a shitty beat =D. you and paragon inspire me to one day make this kind of stuff, its really incredible. keep up the good work ;]

Oh My goooosh


You are the best DJ on newgrounds for me.
All of your songs have some extra style thru it.
Its a must for my ears.

I'm using you as my great opinion in making my own music.
i downloaded nexus today, and im trying to make a remix of 'The Nexus Song' to.
I already made a song with this char, but newgrounds still didn't approved it,
and they aren't responding to my Mail i sent to them.

well, i wish you the bests of luck and inspiration.
perhaps you could review my songs once ?
(depends on the newgrounds staff >.< )

Take care mate ^^

10/10 5/5 downloaded, favorited

dj-Nate responds:

Wow.. Thank you man! Means a lot!

i actually liked this one

Very nice melody on this


Hit the spot again!

Dude! =D

Yeah, were on informal terms, ive known you since '06! we go way back!

xD idk wtf im saying

yeah... now this... this is something. Its a pretty little song, it has such an excited happy energy. it sounds like the sort of song youd make as a tribute to someone special. the mood? like things in your life are turning around, today's the day!

Imho, this is probably your best song all year. Its soo catchy. I think this exactly is what all of your fans have been craving for a while.

Rock on, you seem like a very cool guy.


dj-Nate responds:

Ha, thank you. No one will like your music if you're an asshole.

Thanks for reviewing!!