Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

Holly SHIT!!

I love this song man.
I keep listening to it, again and again.
Love it man.


dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man! <3

Ah! Dj-Nate!

It's really good to see you in the top 5 again, it's been too long. You're one of my favorite artists here and your work gets played in my music rotations more so than anyone else. This song reminds me of your earlier work, which is a very good thing. :D


This song is awesome, i shall never stop listening too it...EVER
10/10 5/5

dj-Nate responds:

You is da man.

one question

Are you sure this is legal?
It's like crack/cocaine for my ears, cuz i'm addicted!


I will never listen to anything but this song from now on.