Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

There is Only One composer as good as you! That is someone called dj-nate aka dj-n

I don't have a clue why none has made a single comment since two years. ._.
Seriously that track is awesome so it should be rated BETTER.

Anyway it starts of calm and nice, like most of your tracks (which makes you unique).
After it gets a little more livid around the middle of that song it kinda shows its awesomeness.
And to add some calm parts was a cool idea.

All in all it deserves its 10/10. Have a nice day dude! ^-^

Nice and calm

At the beginning its nice and calm, then we here the trance a little later. Good job!

new user

i am new to this and this is the best thing to start with.

CANDY of probobly the sweetest kind

yeah i t sounds fucking awrsom you should really do more stuff in this style