Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

Reminds me of...

'The Cure' 's song "Friday I'm in Love" Youtube it, you'll find some similarities in the chord progression mostly. That's what popped into my mind though, maybe not for you once you check the song out, but yeah. Neat stuff, the strings really enhanced this song, and the dynamics were nice, people usually don't know how to use those, but you do :D


dj-Nate responds:

Yeah, I hear what you mean. Thanks Disciple, you is da man.



Ive always been a fan and you never ceased to amaze me, good job bro. Some people are gifted, some are not. You are gifted. Keep up the good work. You can go a long way.

Simply Amazing

wow this song is soo amazing i'm lost for words

You know what?

I fucking love you, dj-nate.

dj-Nate responds:

Aw <3

Ooh yeah!!

Nate is back again! :D

I loved the intro with the 'pfzz' sound and the piano after it, just when that was finished it was streamed over with a nice 'Nate-like' VST. Just saying that because that's kind of reconisable in all your other songs (the tune), you put something in your songs that makes it unique. I loved the relaxing piano into the song, and the strong kick. Makes this song so intense, I tapped my feet like hell under the desk. Something else what I loved were the Violins before the ending, I never heared them in your other songs though, or I did but just didn't noticed...
Well just to say you brought another masterpiece to Newgrounds again, and I will sure download it, don't worry about being a fav'd artist. You were already one like 1 year ago. ;)

-You simple make music sound like heaven, I never can stop listen to it, and never want to stop listning to it either. The way you make songs is really great, gives a real pleasure, and sometimes wakes up emotional feelings, some are great to dance on, some are really catchy, some are just fantastic.
You may choose one of this categories if you like. I got mine.

I just want to say short, thanks for this piece of music.
Greetings: Unrealdark.

5/5 10/10 <- wasn't really needed though? You know what you deserve.