Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"


i cant say in words how great this song is! hope oyu make more!
5/5 10/10 + fav


i like the variations in your melody, and also i love your high hat pattern


At the begining its like your on a nice soft fluffy cloud...........MMMmmmmmm ZZZZzZZzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzz.

loved it

i havnt heard this much emotion in a song in a long time here on new grounds. i love the feel of it. it gives me shivers down my spine and makes my hair stand on end. i love the sound of it and the tempo it is all perfect. i have only one complaint. not long enough. other than that, great music comming again from a great musician as usual. always love ur stuff. keep up the great work.



Finally something better from you. Great Job! 10/10 5/5