Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

:D ^^

likeee the intro :P like the 2nd part, like the ending... honestly, it'll be a 4/10 1/5 for trying... xD

Just joking! :D i won't give you more than 3/10 xD

Joking again! I will give you a... 7? :P just for the violin solo, it'll be a 9 :P and a 5/5 :P

I feel it lacks something... The little extra whoomp... I don't really know exactly what it is... Doesn't matter :P great song anyway



Just truly amazing! You are the best ever! Don't stop making them until you are completely satisfied.


What else..... MINDBLASTING

Gr8 song absolutely love it, gr8 sounds, melody and beat evrytin, and also i think it reminds me of something, (dont even kno if thts a song) but the gr8 melody in 00:33 to 00:39, it trigers somtin in me and ive been tryin to figure it out.
And since ill prbbly be lisnin to this all tha time now cuz its so gr8, ill soon figure it out maybe.
Or maybe its the fact that its a remix.
Have no clue
Gr8 job


I will never listen to anything but this song from now on.

To Get Epiphanally Lost:

Is to listen to your splendid tracks.