Reviews for "Pure Love =HFX="

Soothing melody

It's a great piece you have there, I must say: Nice progression on the main theme, and a lot of variation keep this interesting until the end. As a lot of people have pointed out already, the quality doesn't do the song much justice, but the melody in itself is perfect, and I'll rate accordingly

Nice tune to relax with, I'd love to hear more like this

heard this before

dont know where i heard this from (i think church) you played this piece really well. although i'm not sure how much is original. Well done on it though

Very good piece of Music

Very good music there.
The main theme repeats a bit too much for me. Would love to get the sheets for this

I won't take off for quality

Which leaves me with nothing really to take off for. Beautiful piece, very impressive, especially since you wrote it in just four hours! Still, I'd love to hear this in better quality, so if you could record it again and update it that'd be amazing. It's a lovely song, I think it's worthy of your time to be redone.

I love it...

but still, I would highly recommend recording it again with better equipment, music such as this deserve the best of qualities, nothing less. As for the music itself, I have nothing to say about it, if it was written in 4 hours like you said, then it simply reflects a part of your heart, no human on Earth can really give a review on that, so I'll simply listen to it and learn to know you a bit better :)