Reviews for "Pure Love =HFX="

great spirit

This awesome and nostalgic piece deserves a modern remake with your current skills! Keep the great music flowing ^_^!

I teared up.

This song is beautiful. I'm not sure why, but it brings on a wave of nostalgia every time I hear it. Its such a wonderful melody. Good job. Its rarely the first song an artist posts is one of their best.


The way the audio is right now, is just perfect. It gives a subtle feel of being a 50's sort of melody. Right now, it sounds like you have recorded this thing on a record player. Just really beautiful.


It's not the rhythm. It's not the harmony. It isn't the notes.
It's the beauty of one's outwards turned soul, which they have projected into their work. It repeats a melody, yet not. The twist at the end is one of the rarest examples of creativity. The song begins to fade, only to rise, and fall again into midst of oblivion.
Despite the lackluster sound quality, despite the singularity and the lack of variety within the piece, in the end, nothing can hurt what this piece is, beautiful.
This is a piece one can close their eyes to and envision...

-The Last Guardian-