Reviews for "Pure Love =HFX="


Wonderful melody and tune, but it could be better if the piano sounded nicer and clearer. Maybe you could consider using some piano-related software for a better sound.

Phyrnna responds:

I just started to use Fruity Loops about a week ago, so once I get good at that I'll do a remix of this.


The more I listen to this song, the more I think I heard the melody somewhere. Anyway, it's really good :)

And I agree with Elk1007, the quality makes it actually not so bad, kinda old.

Phyrnna responds:

Really? I'd hope that someone didn't beat me to this melody. T_T
Thank you nonetheless.

-HFX ^_^


I love the way you push/pull the time!

And the chords are really soothing.

Although the recording quality is sub-par, it doesn't take away from the quality of your playing. :]

Keep up the great work Melody. :D


Phyrnna responds:

Thank you for the support! I'm glad you like it. ^_^

-HFX ^_^


The indirect recording method makes it sound really condensed. Aside from the quality lose on the treble, it actually adds a nice feeling to the song.
It sounds as if it's meant to be 'old-tyme' and what not.

7/10 stars for this great song.
10/10 when you record it with a direct method :)

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks for the advice. I'll go look into it. ^__^

-HFX ^_^

Very Nice

Don't listen to this douche its a really good song
needs some better quality but still great. = )
Keep it up and would love to hear more

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you very much! I'm going to try rerecording this song sometime later. But for now, I think it's good as is. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

-HFX ^_^