Reviews for "Pure Love =HFX="

Pure Love for %u266BPure Love

I actually really like the way it sounds right now. It gives the music a techo-ish feeling. :)

very nice song

Just like everyone else, I would love to here a remake. i love to see 2 remakes actually. one that is the classical and maybe even a techno version.

What i love about this piece is that it had the use of less tools. This song just shows all of us that you are brilliant without the use of special programs. This is all done on microphone/voice recorder? It is what we say " simply magnificent." This is art with only a pencil and a paper. And you have drawn an artistic mural of your talent.

~ mahooki96

This Needs Fixing

The arrangement of this melody is repetitive but that's the strong point of it. If it's in your powers, I would wish to hear this played either with an organ or a harp.

Everybody said it, but I'll say it again...

This melody REQUIRES quality fix. NOW.

It really sucks to hear something so good record poorly..... >.<

5 for the quality. But a remake should be double though.

Butterscotch yo.

I beg you!

PLEASE, this is absolutely heavenly; I beg of you, do this one again but with better recording. It'll definitely be worth it!

aww :3

its all awesome and brings some memories back.. but thats not why ppl review rite o-o..

i cant give u 9 just for the quality >.< is not ur fault