Reviews for "Pure Love =HFX="

i'll admit ur mic is bad

although the mic is bad its still a calming and epicness song

its good but...

when i put it on my ipod(and i did), the song itself is too quiet. i literally have to turn my volume all the way up(thus draining my battery) just to hear it to a satisfied point.


this song made me think of an old radio, silently playing in a small, tired house.
this song is great, along with all of your work. keep it up!!!

sounds like..

you played this - pretty cool - unless you suck at pleaying of there are major flaws in your composition it really is hard to critique this - esp. sicne you already explained the bad sound quality - It's pretty so we shall go with that. I will have to give you a lower score considering tho.



Beautifully composed music, ma'am. It seems to create an air of tranquility whilst played.

Phyrnna responds:

A peaceful and tranquilness certainly was the aim of this song. ^.^