Reviews for "Story Left Untold (DJKarma)"

Oh my god

This is one of the best piano piece I ever heard. This is sad and good and everything. I heard this on Power Star 4 and it made me cry. Definatly one of the best songs I ever heard in my life.

Tottaly Awesome!

This song is really based on Sadness and Sorrow v.2

Simply Beautiful

Indeed, a beautiful piece, so much that i just had to log on and write a review, prolly not a helpful one but one that at least would flatter the author. Great work ;) the sound is just, ooh, wow. I listened at it playing Soul Arms and it really fitted the game and the story, it is a song with deep emotions, perfect to hear at nostalgic times.

Holy shit

This is one of the best piano pieces I've heard in a while, and it's not even made by Mozart, and Beethoven, or those other musical geniuses
In other words, SHEET MUSIC NOW


This was simply amazing, simply beautiful! One thing I like is the dynamics. It goes soft, then comes back with the lower more deeper notes. Just wondering, is there any sheet music? If not then thats all good. just listening to pleasing enough.