Reviews for "Story Left Untold (DJKarma)"

Makes me cry...

This piece is truly one of a kind and it clearly portrays sadness. Really good music here man.


its easy to see heart,soul,emotion that was put into this peice... it makes one feel every bit of what thwe author and creator wanted to show...tis true what they say: music is the doorway to the soul.

simply Beautiful. :)

One of the best piano submissions to come to NG.

I simply can't understand why this song didn't become a cult hit. 4.22? What are you people voting on?? Either give this thing a 5 or rethink your life!


I going to use is in my flash(if I can) but don't hold me up to it

respect man this is beautiful music

your music reminds me of all my kittens and cats i lost i have 1 left now