Reviews for "Story Left Untold (DJKarma)"

WOW !!!

You are a MUSICAL GENIUS !!!

It goes to show you.

This song represents how many stories in our lives and the lives of others that are never told. Or shall be told but never remembered in the eyes of our children.I ask you all now have you truly told your story are will you story be untold as well.Don't let life pass you by never give in live the life you have to it's best intrest but also understand this.Never leave your story untold like so many have before us. I leave you now with these words ..............goodbye.


This song is very sad. Its as though that someone has just died and no one tells his story about him. I do enjoy this song though and I am sure to add it to my favorites. Keep up the great work!

this is yet another one...

if your wonderingg what i'm talking about, check out the comment i posted on his song "sadness and sorrow v2" cause i'm not typing it again

This song...fills my lifeless soul...

You are quite the music maker...