Reviews for "Story Left Untold (DJKarma)"

its sad but nice..

this is a song that can make you remember memorys of your past.. its not that bad either....a nice sad song since titanic...

Its hits me hard...

Such a beautiful song... gets me right here in the heart. For all the people who may read this, don't waste your life, it goes by fast. Encore, encore, you truly are a mastermind when it comes to music. I applause you.


so, sad *sniff* *CLAP CLAP CLAP*


okay, sadness and sorrow, sadness and sorrow version 2, and now this?
dude, you make a lot of sad songs i wonder what it would wound like if you made a happy song? would it sound sad from all your sad song experience?

Sweet Melody

This song is like a new age of final fantasy, A hero was born to protect in the very beginning but fate was cruel ,there was a symbol of darkness within in soul, once it got out a Fierce Battle took place within the planet and in the end hope has emerged but with the ultimate price in order to save the world he will have to sacrifice his life to do so, in the end the world is save but only time will tell when a new hero will be born to protect once again.
Nice song keep it up