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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"

It was ok

It was borderline funny. The coloring was off but an overall good animation. Keep it up, fucker.


.. all i want to say is that i thank you for giving a warning in the authors comments, for people w/epilepsy b/c. of the flashing lights. not many people do that but you should try harder

Damn catchy song...

Animutated is a good thing indeed :). Neil would be proud! Even had Colin Mochry! I think for what you were doing this turned out well. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

I like weirdness and craziness but shit

When you said this was full of craziness I thought you meant there would be an bicurious 400lb somoan riding a bicycle in a thong or something to that effect but this was just plain jibberish. Lay off the meth or speed or whatever weird japanese shit you've gotten yourself into and put some actual work into this. I love dope just as much as the next guy but jesus, what the hell kind of dope do you have to be on to enjoy this jibberish.


MonkeyforaHead responds:

Actually, I was high on insomnia. :p Better than any drug in the world, man.


dude i had to give that strait up 10s cause it was gay and crazy LOL me think the drawing could have been better but i loved it and great choice of music