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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"


Good flash skills, but this thing is indescribably unoriginal. COmbine arfenhouse with semented cartoon movie and jamaez bond, and this is what you get.
Not bad for, say, a high school project; but unacceptable as an "original flash" piece for all the world to see.

again! again!

this one is rather good in my opinion. i watched it twice. this movie is about 3 things that look like slugs who eventually get around to a-sploding an evil hdeout. never mind about the villain inside. there isnt one. part anmutation, part flash drawing, this movie is the thing to watch next time you get drunk


That was great! Hooray for Waka Laka, one of the best DDR songs ever!

No words....

No words can explain how great this movie is. or what it's about. where did you get that song? and if u can tell me somewhere to download it from cause its awesome!


w00tage!!1!! TEH MUNKEEE IS A GENIOS!!!