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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"

Great Music

The music was fantastic and I think with a bit of practice, the animation could become Daily-Feature Class! Flashing lights were a little unnecessary, but I think that the randomness of it all made up for it.

Epileptic, yet fun

Great work, but a slight decrease of the flashing lights wouldn't do any harm. :D


HEHEH! Very funny and crazy. Flashing lights made my older brother pass out. o.O

Yeah, pretty good

Half animutation, half arfenhouse parody, you did a pretty god job. The only reason I watch this though is to listen to Waka Laka. It's like crack.
Musical crack. 0_0


This was a pretty good animutation. I personally find it hilarious how it makes fun of noobspeak flashes. Oh! And that song was perfect for this masterpiece of crap. Over all, it was great.