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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"


the flash was adequate to my tastes, but i sure liked the music. where did you find it? i wish i had that music at home.


this is so funny i can't stop watching it
me and my friends love the song

haha this is screwed up

lol this is soo screwed but halarious and u spelled it wrong its "Zero" and u shoulda put X in there, lol this is stupid peice of trash but for sum reason i gave u a 5 lol

MonkeyforaHead responds:

I spelled it that way on purpose, to fit in with the general "crappy n00b" spelling. :p

YOUR head a splode

How dare you shame strong bad by using a funny joke in a stupid song thing?

MonkeyforaHead responds:

I've got no comment on your review itself -- but if my showing SB's head in this offends you, then make sure you never watch The Smurfs: Lost Episode. :-/

kinda stupid

whats the point.....the only purpose of this video would be to give people seizures