Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"

Good....Quite Good...

But I don't get it...Where Zero just comes down and slaughters Megaman...A lot of people and tending to make Zero a "Villain" nowadays...Just doesn't really make sense to me...


It was cool and everything. But make the fights longer. 1 fight every flash ep. Kinda like your newer ones.

pretty gud

last 2 fites wer very unintrestin
wen megaman ataked xiao xiao it kinda looked like he was givin im a hand job
y did the egg hav blood in it?


It was nice but I wished the battles would of been more interesting to watch. I really liked how you replicated the fighters so nicely and had the battles at their home bases. The music was fine but once the battle ended and you had to click next, the sound their was sketchy so you should probably fix that. Other than that, greatness. ^_____^

You got my 5

This is clearly the best job i've seen on newgrounds yet, seroiusly contending with the classic "street life". I agree Madness has the best chance at winning, but it will face Xiao Xiao sometime i bet and that will be tough. I sure hope you got permission but it would be cool anyway.