Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"

It was ok...

You also had a couple of flaws:
1) work on the sound
2) don't give rankings if the higher ranked guy will win everytime
3) You cannot kill StrawberryClock

Pretty sweet

Pretty sweet, and everyone I rooted for won except for in the last battle. Though I think instead of using "Egg" (because not everyone knows him like me) you shoulda used the dog or somebody else from RAB. Everyone knows them. Anyway, a good flash.

-Psycho 0.o

a little Boring..

a little Boring, but i can wait to see the second part.

I wanted more...

I can think of better contestants, but lets not go there. I was hoping for something... more... I can't really explain... anyway... it was cool otherwise. But what's up with the odd capital letter choice in this Flash's name? It makes it look like it's not worth watching, like it's some "n00b" Flash, well to me anyway. And where's that music from in MegaMan's home? It's annoying, and I don't remember ever listening to it in all the years I've played his games. The voice acting is a little off as well. It's a great idea to have NG people verse eachother, but like even the author says, these fights are short. VGDC can make fights and Sprite Flashes like this 3 times in length, and still not be close to that file size. DON'T GET ME WRONG. THIS IS A GREAT THING TO WATCH. Graphics are good, effort put into this is Daily Feature worthy, music is sometimes odd but good, great new "Death" design for his Egg match, nice art, good menu options and control, and nice script. If "the Madness guy" (that's my name for him) had lost his match, I would have had some nasty things to say, it's a good thing he didn't! I'm glad everyone that won did, so that was cool too. Can't wait for the semi's!