Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"

This is one of the Animations I saw when I was young. But I was shocked to see this... But it was a lot of fun!

Here are some comments of appreciation that I felt as I watched each fight.

Megaman VS Xiao Xiao

This fight was expected to be won by Xiao Xiao. And it was right as expected. At first, Megaman did a wonderful job of showing him overpowering, but suddenly he was attacked by Xiao Xiao and began to be pushed out. Then he collapsed and got up and attacked again, and suddenly Zero appeared, and he was attacked and defeated by Zero. Is that because Megaman cheat? I didn't understand this scene.

Death VS Egg

This is one of the scenes that shocked me when I was a childhood. It expected Egg to lose. He lost when he was stabbed by a sickle, bleeding and facing a terrible death.

Madness VS Strawberry Clock

This is the scene where I was most shocked. Cruel Madness... Strawberry Clock politely ask him not to shoot, but he turned down the request and shot and killed it. R.I.P. Strawberry Clock

Mario VS Reginald

Mario showed the fear of brilliant ideas. Throughout the movie, Reginald is defeated in vain and silent death, just showing himself sleeping.


where's hanks pie

frekin sweet

i hate movies that doesnt have death and or voilence

Gr8 movie, but...

The madness guy is not called madness!!!! He is called Hank. Also, why Mario makes Yoshi's sound? Never mind. It deserves a pie!!!


Loved It! It was long butit was wourth it if you no what I mean. All The wimpy characters die!! It's terrific. Can't wait to see the semi finals. Lets go and find out if they're there....................................