Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"


YES!!! that wuz awesome!!!!!! do more!!! do multiple series with different characters!!! AWESOME!!!

The Ultimate Fight!!

This is really a great creation of you man... The graphics are amazing and sounds very good... But the most impressive are the fights... Keep doing such a great work, I can hardly wait for the Final Battle... At least 6 megas I suppose...

By far one of the biggest flaws

There is a clock cartton that shows clocks can not die from bullets

I am glad madness one but it wasnt "realalistic"

error-45207 responds:

oopz! :\

Clever idea!

Clever idea, good choice of characters, nice menu options, and decent fighting. I like it!

Good movement, some lame fights.

This was pretty good, but most of the fights were pretty cheap, except for the Megaman vs. Xiao one.