Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"


Sweet job. Although... why does Zero kill Megaman? Their friends not enemies. Also, the fight between Death and Egg was kinda gay, who didn't know that Death would win? Same with Madness v. Strawberry Clock. Its a friggin' clock! How could it fight? Oh well, I hope that there will be more action in the semi's and finals. You still did a kick ass job.

error-45207 responds:

lol yea a few people have said that... i had a few sprites of that zero dude and just took it he was Megaman nemisis or something...my bad :\

yea rught

come on strawberry clock cant lose to madness!!!!

buncha crap, thats the oly reason for a low rating

loved it

omfg that was awesome man i hope that either mario or xiao xiao go all the way. didnt like the ending to madness vs. strawberry clock.


As much as I liked the opening sequence, it took way to long. The interactive menu was quite nice. I loved the bracket part, everyone's favorite characters battling!

Megaman v Stick

Not to big on bubbles to start with, but it was ok. A sprite versus a stick, who should win? The STICK! Stupid sprites. i would love to see your own version of Megaman, not using a sprite. Ok action, nice use of sound effects. very happy with the outcome of this match. Overall, 6/10.

Death v Egg

EGG rocks! He is my prediction. We always see him as a very nice little character, but one of these days, WHAM! He is just going ot flip. Nice background music and scenery. This movie was pretty slow, especially when Death hovers over to Egg. The outcome of this movie is sad, I would of loved for the other eggs to come over and double-team Death, but oh well. 6.5/10

Strawberry v Madness

My prediciton is that Strawberry will destroy Madness. Just look at the opening, Madness kills his comrades. How does that work out? The most violent yet...err! Strawberry's voices seemed odd, I would of of liked to of had a different voice for him. The ending both shocked me and made me cry. 6/5/10

Mario v Reginald

Being that I am starting to find Reginald boring and quite Obnoxius plus Mario is awesome, I predict that Mario shall win! Once again, it takes a long time to get to the actual fight. The build-up was kind of annyoing. As much as I Mario, the wait was to long, but when it finally happened, it was fun. Stupid Reggie, lvi

I loved the idea for this, have several popular characters fight and see who shall be the best. Good work overall, a solid 7/10. Keep up the good work.



unreal tornumant thats a great game any WAYS great move keep up the good work