Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"


A great concept, first of all. Loved the idea. The graphics were pretty good, though could use a small bit of work. Also, I have nothing against sprites, so don't assume that's what I mean by the lacking graphics. Sound was alright, though nothing special. Anyway, good job, and can't wait to see the thrilling conclusions. Go Xiao!


these are so cool, i hope mario beats out the shit of SBC


DAMN YOU! you killed off Megaman! but then again you killed Reginald so I am happy :)

not too bad

I'm sorry though, the animation of madness was much to slow, and the animation of XiaoXiao was much too sub-par to even be watchable. The others weren't bad, mario's bordering on good, but still.


I found some of the fights kinda well.. lame... but I still liked it... I shall yonder off to look at the other two now :P