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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"

I personally favor darker shades and styles, this suits my preferences perfectly. Plus the parchment effect reminds me of some RPG's I used to play, like Neverwinter Nights and the character portraits. On top of all this, I'm just studying over trying to see what I can learn, getting out of my usual habits when drawing, like using a 4H all the time so my sketches doesn't look like I took a hobby knife to cardboard.

Cheers, and good luck with your other projects!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man good luck with the drawing. my advice is draw how you like to draw! when you find a technique that you are proud of keep at!

I wish your art wasn't so dark, but it's your way of expressing your self.

dommi-fresh responds:

its cause i'm dark on the inside. shadows are my only friends. but i can't deny that flowers are really pretty.

Here's yet another great art piece from you because it really shows how strong your character designs are. You went through a lot of work to portray each and every popular character in the Castle Crushers series. I've reviewed so much of your stuff, I don't know what's the best. This is certainly great work. What I really like is how you have such a strong background with the sketchbook paper. That simply HAS to be real.

You show a very realistic portrayal of this character. Everything about him is so strong, including his body frame. I can even see some sketches around his armored head. It shows a firm character ready to go out and save the day. Poses are everything in these pictures.

All these are great I am also a drawer though I don't upload. I'm working on two comic spoofs one is zelda the other is cc and these pics inspired me to do the cc spoof
Using my charcyers from the series I made Nicholas Antholagy which is about me and my buds so yea its random and aweasome


dude your one of the best drawers on newgrounds!!!!!!this art is awesome and the position is great.Im a drawer too but i dont knowhow to upload my drawings :(