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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"


Hey its freaking awesome and im working on a awesome thing for pico day i think ur the artist im looking for i do art but nothing compared to what u do. and u should get sketch book express its tottaly free and its compatible with a drawing tablet or mouse u should check it out.

P.S. Pico day is april 30 :D

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks for the update :P


I love your take on the knights!

dommi-fresh responds:

glad you like em so much

Green Knight Prince Of Thieves

I really like the style, reminds me of the Chrono-trigger game.
And he's my favorite crasher...well besides the lil skeleton guy you get later.
Maybe you could draw one up of that one! Id be excited.

dommi-fresh responds:

most definitely as he is also my favourite


is realy nice

dommi-fresh responds:

realy realy nice

its kind of ironic

that he poisons people and still has crosses all over him

dommi-fresh responds:

yep deceitful bastard