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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"

Just amazing.

This is outstanding :3

dommi-fresh responds:

so's your face


great art man, make a black knight one day, but good joob, he fought threw somone ass and came out green and now looking for the magic tolliet paper to get wipe before the curse of the smell returns up his ass

dommi-fresh responds:

what the hell are you on about man.


i love all the atention you give to detail, and this is my favorite knight out of the 4 so it gets bonus points from that, also this really reminds me of D&d art did you get any inspiration from that??

dommi-fresh responds:

whats D&d?


You HAVE to do the pink knight as well!

dommi-fresh responds:

i know, i forgot.


This rocks, I love the attention to detail. I just have to ask you one question, how did you get the background to be the way it is? I would guess it is a form of shading? But besides that, this a great piece of art overall, and definetly deserved the frontpage.

dommi-fresh responds:

the back ground is just sketch book paper but i edit the contrast so it looks that way