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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"


Lol it kinda looks like Link with a helmet. anyways great job

dommi-fresh responds:

i kinda know what you mean.

damn dommi

well done man,really good realistic approach

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks griffin.

Nice detail, nice character

Nice work here, kinda like a Castle crashers guy it seems, the colors were dark and dingy but that seems to be fitting aswell, the details are all there as usual, I love the paper backround another thing i thought that seems to fit the piece, allthough a backround scene wouldnt hurt, Maybe even adding a {FOCUS} point like making the Arrow tip red or a bright color, then maybe have a {GLOW} or {BEAM} coming from the eyes would be another awsome idea for focus points, just a thought though, Now this art piece got frontpage very nice indeed on that, would love to see a battle with two characters even if there is no {BLOOD-SPLATTER} haha anyways nice job keep up the awsome art pieces.

Some extra color effects like focus points dealing with an arrow tip colored or even a glow from the eyes


dommi-fresh responds:

i am doing all the knights in a similar style so the all fit adding a background is not gunna work


Did you edit it with phooshop or is natural paint shading and pencil?

dommi-fresh responds:

i changed the contrast slightly and boosted the colour the rest was all by hand.


you shalth doith one weilding a HAMMA!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

we'll see we'll see