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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"

just awsome

10/10 love at first sight

what technique did u used???

dommi-fresh responds:

my bare hands!!!
and pen and watercolours

Fuckin awesome!!!

Make the red knight! he is my favorite and next was the green knight. However you kick ASS at this. Keep up thefreakin awesome badass work.

dommi-fresh responds:

i have made the red knight but then again you might also find that i have over 200 pictures you can look at too.


I really like the detail that you put in, and not only that the emotion in the picture good work!

dommi-fresh responds:

emotion? you can't see his face. but thanks

wow epic!

Thats totally amazing :) I love the detail, to be honest i thought it was concept art for runescape when i first seen the small icon. Now knowing its based on CC its way more appealing XD

dommi-fresh responds:

yea cause runescape is shit


that´s a perfect representation of castle clashes or even better.

dommi-fresh responds:

even better you say? muhha ha ha ha