Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"


Its weird flash animation, it needs color. Kinda strange with the matrix effects.

it was alright

decent,too long to be not the great


this movie sucked to long to be a good vg parody not to mention that cheesy matrix seens got crappy about 5 years ago.

getting better :D

that was good man, your getting better with flash and i see you fixed up those little problems like counting down the lives and replacing the time with ???. things that you could fix is some times the sprites moved a bit slow and at some times the spries were a little out of place but its no big deal. im looking foward to your next flash, good job! mostly 7s for your rating

umm... ok but not what i expected

it was ok, but he crashed into the wall too much, the 1st time was enough, but it worth watching the end, with his last life.