Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"

Pretty good

I liked how you made the Luigi sprite too.

Hey not bad!

Pretty good! Though in my opinion you should have added either more violence, story or humor!
Overall as I said, a well done flash!

ok yea pretty good

i thought it was pretty funny


i wantec to stop watching but i thought i would keep watching just in case it did something good but it didnt. 1 good joke buddy and you probly copied it

Well, I don't wanna critizize you.

But I thought it was pretty bad. Some scenes were funny, but others looked crappy. In the second scene where mario makes a jump to the finish, you made some mistakes. 1. Mario wasn;t on the platform correctly. 2. When Mario was making the jump, not all the objects were moving correctly. Others were humorous and funny. And just for trying, I'll still give you a 4.