Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"

it has potential, and the usage of the sprite and background images was good.
it left me with a rather unsettling question...
How does Mario, a Fat Itallian guy, turn into (yes, i know in this movie they are different people, but going along with the theme of the Marios on the whole) a Fat African American/ or whatever the most "PC" bull-shit dictates we stupid honkeys use to denotate this particular "race" of people (yeah.. sorry for my anti-politically correct speech here...) guy?

but, also, it's a bit boring.
and, i was a bit misled with the "extras" because, i was waiting, and sitting through the whole flash... it was a little saddening.

but good usage of blood. especially the walls crushing him...

Not the greatest mario related thing i've seen...

...but, it still is better than most the crap that comes in here. And the music gave it a nice old school feeling. It was funny, but not massively funny. Nice work though, you got a five from me. I love the kirby sound effects!

PONITLESS (but very entertaining)

IM sure i wouldve loved it though had i been wasted not bad though.

Wish I had extra lives

LOL this is great. I mean the graphics are crappy cause it from the gameboy but the content is great. Keep bringing us this stuff man.

decent but he could have done better

make it longer so i give it decent score because it looked like your tryed except st the end u got sloppy