Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"

not bad

it was pretty cool. how well did you do in the VG contest with this?

VGEvolution responds:

I dunno, we start voting on FEB. 10th...wish me luck people! :)


what i dont get is how something like this could get such a good score like that...

Ahhhhh no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enuff with mario land. God that game drove me nutz. Bad luck indeed!
The clip was totally awsome too! Loses peach to super mario hehe. Of all the things. I was half expecting it to be wario that shows up though(go figure)
Great flash!!!!

haha sweet

i own that game man and it took me so long to beat. i gave u a 10 because its a dope game. gj.

too slow tho putit in fast forward.

Not bad.

Pretty godd, really. I'd be proud.

It was a bit slow though. Next time make it faster-paced.