Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"

man hehehe you know whats really funny?

ok man i made up Pwned and J00 on SC like long long ago on SC gateway Europe where i Pwned many Europeans even though im a westy seeing you use it brought back memories but! when i saw you put a 3 in there as an e it seriously pissed me off cuz i hate people using numbers for words most of the time the 0's on the J00 were exceptional please if youre going to use my word i made up dont put a 3 in there im trying to prove talking in |\|U|\|\|83®$ isnt |337 at freaking all infact when people do it it pisses me off and if you think i didint make it up i swear to god i did and also when i said it i said I Pwned J00 to people you never used J00 though maybe you never heard of it im glad of my success with that word i made now to the movie it was very interesting i liked how you gave him lives and such pretty funny too sound 4 cuz meh there wasnt much sound just the old mario sounds humor 6 i liked how he ran into the mushroom after he turned around ^^ graphics 6 its was ok good oldfashioned mario graphics looked like it came out of an nintendo gameboy style 10 the story line was fuckign great keep it up man and i hope you read this please dont doubt me others have and it seriously pisses me off that i get really no credit at all for making that word even though its used all over SC CS and W3 once again hope you read all of this even though you probably hate reading on SC last name Pegasus_ UMS rec of 164 losses 632 wins thats after i quit melee cant remember a melee record anymore although if you ever see me on ill play you melee i havent played forever well a couple games here and there but im still very good CS lost my cd :( W3 GosuCustomGamer i hate mlee on that its just crap Xill~

Very very nice!

This one looked stupid at first...but it's not. good job!

Funny as hell !

Eh, this is the first time I see a Game Boy Mario Flash ! Good job, it was very funny ! And the file size was not very high also, good job on that....

And the speed of the text.... it was just perfect, I don't know how you did it, but it was something I really enjoyed. I hope to see more sprite animation from you !

awesome =)

that was great yo,
very creative,
awesome sound, very funny, i really enjoyed watching that!
also the text speed was juuust perfect, something you NEVER SEE!!!
it wasnt fast, it wasnt too slow, it was just right.
so good going, u have some serious skills if you finished that in 5 minutes!

Very Crappy Graphics

This is like .8 bit graphics, and the screen size sucked also. I turned it off after the 4th life. Your jokes are good, but the animation coupled with the screen size killed it.