Reviews for "Mario's Bad Luck (VGE)"

Good, but I've seen better

You did a good job making this but there wuz no coulours:(, the music wuz not enough loud. If i forget that, you did a great job at overall especially when mario ate the poop!


Way cool. Like the 1920s feel to it. Heehee. Mario eating poop. Farting sounds and all.Keep it up.

PS: For a momenyt I thought the princess new boyfriend would be King Koopa, but thats just me. What else that lizard would want a princess for??


this is a great movie! i wonder how you made the luigi sprite.

Statues Revenge!

HAHAH!That WAS PImP! THat was so FUCKinG FUnnY!

pffft sheesh...

i wonder what he did to get bad luck...