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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""

what is the special picture?

ive played this game for 30 min can't beat it and i just want to know what the special picture t unlock is?

love it ,anyway it was too easy make a harder 1

this is easy tolk me 5 minutes it is easy since i practiclydid itall my life :) so anyway the reward sucked and ythe game was too easy but good try

took me an hour but i did it!

Yay! i finally did it wow that took a long time to do expecially 30 minutes in i found a guide lol! any way great game look forward to the series on the pink lemonade think cant wait
(to find out how to beat this go here! http://www.javaonthebrain.com/java/puzz15/technical.html )

I did these thing before and solve it but...

I JUST CAN"T DO THIS ONE! I am piss off right now. I am going to try again later. Good game.

damn i cant do it

and i cant find any hints on the net either
this is really annoying, looking forward to the series thou