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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""

I did it ^^

I really did it, but i thought there would be a very "especial" picture as a reward, i think it wasnt worth all the puzzling, but at least i like the drawings ..\/. (^_^)

touched responds:

Well, I thought it would be enough that I listed no nudity in the description, but perhaps I should have been clearer. Ah well, next time I will offer the choice of erotic or non-erotic reward.


i can't do it, i have never ever been able to do these puzzles! i dont know why, i can do stuff like rubiks cube, i just cant do this! you should include an easter egg that lets you see the picture if your too much of a dumbass to solve the puzzle!


Dang......she's a hottie. You should make some more stuff with her on it. You got my good vote.


a good old-fashioned 15-piece flipper puzzle, with a Hentai Pic. how original in both areas.


Nice puzzle solving game and good presentation. I'm not good at these type of puzzles, but it's a good challenge. Good work.