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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""


i gave 5s to all your artworks.
they all rule.

Word of advice.

Don't do this kind of puzzle on NyQuil. You'll look like an asshole, and think you're done when you're not even close. I'm living proof. The picture, though, was a nice prize. Gotta give you mad props, here.

owww my brain

for all you lazy people out there
i'll spoil it for you!
because i care

the reward pic: http://clickass.org/~radish/guest/kernpickle.jpg

wow i wrote a poem

touched responds:

Not anymore. URL changed. Come on, it's supposed to be a challenge.

Quite Good Actually.

I would like to point out that ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES ARE SOLVABLE. Thats how all slode puzzles work. If all the tiles, minus one of course, are placed facing the same direction, in any order, it can be slid to make a picture. That being said. I loved it, although the reward pic I didn't like that much.


Its good quality except for ONE fact. The 50% chance that it's impossible! that 50% chance for me is transformed into 100%. You may say that I just can't do it, but it looks exactly like the example in the info window on the game. Other than that its pretty cool, still playin tho, trying to get a possible one.