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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""

Nice game.

I like puzzles, and this one was really fun. Took me a while to complete it though. Geuss Im not as smart as I had hoped -_-* Anywho, keep up the good work.

here is the reason y i keep doing this

reason y im watching this and your other works is that because i here to level my profile and send comments back
so anyway at least is a intelligence game. but good work. this is might i give to my sister if i had one

i never was any good at these things.

yeah, i suck at them. this was pretty much just a time-waster, eh? i dunno.



The reward is...crap. It was so not worth it. You should get a better picture or something like that. Either add sound or a surprise(x-rated perhaps). Any, still challenging and fun to kill time with. Better get back to the drawing board.

it was cool man

is the special supposed to be different pictures every time u beat it or just a girl named pickle all the time?u better answer me cause i've wasted 20 mins of my life man and i want some answers