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Reviews for "Pink Lemonade "15-puzzle""

Nice job!

I love puzzles! This one is an old puzzle but still fun! I checked out your site and downloaded the Pink Lemonade trailer. Finish it! I'd love to see the final product.

Keep up the good work.

touched responds:

There's a production diary on my site that shows which parts I'm working on and how much is finished. The picture I used is an as-yet unseen bit from the actual animation. ^^ So keep checking back from time to time!

pretty hard

i beat it first try though :) dont wanna ruin it for the players by saying to much but duee thats all you get? errr... anyways gj and pink lemonade is really good :) Xill~

touched responds:

Probably I should add the option of getting your choice of erotic or non-erotic reward pictures, eh? That would probably be better.


I think i need to get better at this.Btw,add some sound next time.

Just my luck...

I tried solving the puzzle four times and all four times it was unsolvable... now my eyes hurt and I'm pissed >_> but still, a good game if not for the 50-50 chance of not being able to slove it flaw

Nicely done

For what it is, it is very good. However, your pictures were a little grainy... maybe that can be updated...? Otherwise nice job.

touched responds:

Originally, I had set up the game with the vector version of the picture, but when I divided it into 15 pieces, it was so slow in rendering, I decided to change it to a raster version. It does detract from the look, but it's a huge improvement in speed. I could of course try offering the next one in vector, and see if it's worth the speed decrease. Any thoughts anyone?